Knights of Columbus

Trinity Council 313

P.O. Box 1427

Bethlehem, PA  18016-1427




 August & Sept 2008 Events


8/7 Officers’/Directors’ Meeting 7:00 P.M. Monocacy Manor


8/16 (Sat) Council Annual Picnic at Louise Moore Park


8/21 Council Meeting 7:30 P.M. Monocacy Manor


9/4 Officers,/Directors’ Meeting 7:00PM, Monacacy Manor


9/18 Council Meeting 7:00PM Monacacy Manor


9/20 (Sat) Our turn to serve at the soup kitchen


Grand Knight’s Message:  August is the time of the year when everything seems to slow down a little. Many of us have more time to spend with our families and friends. We focus more clearly on the wonders of nature, which the Lord has provided for our enjoyment. We re-charge our mental batteries and refresh our souls, as we prepare for the all too soon to come rigors of work, school and ever-pressing schedules.

This August, as you enjoy the company of those whom you care about, remember that your council always needs refreshing, too, with new membership.  Ask those whom you know-father, brother, friend, neighbor-if he will consider becoming a knight in our council. Tell that person about the satisfaction of helping the needy and, also, the need to have representatives who will speak up for our morals and values, and how to live a life pleasing to our Lord. Can anyone deny that this is paramount in the current world of disturbing images and anti-religious (especially ant-Catholic) philosophies? Bringing a knight-candidate to our council will help to energize its spirit and, at the same time, you will have made a significant contribution to the vitality of your council.



Insurance-Brother Jim Kearney is handling District #32’s insurance matters while we are awaiting a permanent field agent.   Please call District Deputy John Philapavage (610) 434-1580 with any questions regarding this. 


Membership/Degrees In last month’s issue when we listed those Knights from our Council who had just attained their 4th Degree we inadvertently left out Bro. Richard De Leon and we apologize for that oversight. Congratulations, Sir Richard!


COAL Sweepstakes Here is an opportunity to win some really great prizes, among them automobiles and tours to exotic places, as well as great things for your home! Importantly, you will help to fund State Council Scholarships.  Donations are only one dollar and  a book of eight is only seven dollars. P.S.  these sales are a key fund-raiser for your Council.


Citizenship Award Council 313 makes annual awards of $200 to High School students who have been recommended to us for having demonstrated outstanding citizenship. Awards are usually made in May.


Attendance Award –Brother William Shaeffer, whose name was drawn at the July meeting for the attendance award, was not present. Come to the August Council meeting and have a chance to win $65.








Knight Rider – Several knights are ready to pick up a brother knight to attend a meeting or other council event.  If you’re unable or hesitant to drive at night, call Rick Scrak at 610-390-5638 or e-mail Rick at to arrange a ride.


Council Web Site – Visit our web site at  All our scheduled events and newsletters for the 2008-2009 fraternal year are available online.


Rosary and Food Drive – We say the Rosary at 7:00 PM, prior to each general meeting.  You may also wish to make a cash donation to Victory House.  Bro. Jim Hogg can buy food at a discount.


Pro-life – A pro-life Mass is held on the second Saturday of every month at Notre Dame Church at 8:00 AM.  Following Mass, many say the Rosary at the abortion facility in Allentown.


Change of Address – If you are moving or will be temporarily away, please notify our Council’s Financial Secretary, Al Fiore of your new address, at 610-866-0034 to keep records current and avoid unnecessary post office fees.


Miller Blood Center - Kindly identify any blood donations at the Miller Blood Bank with Trinity Council 313.  Call 610-691-5850 for an appointment.  Knights and their families are eligible to receive blood when justified. 


Fraternal –Keep our sick and those in distress in your prayers, including Leonard Verrastro’s sister, Katherine and, also, Len’s daughter -in-law Roxanne.


Ecumenical Soup Kitchen – Volunteers will be needed for our next stint at the soup kitchen on Sept. 20 from 1 to 3 PM.  We need 8 to 9 volunteers to serve about 230 people.  Call Rick Scrak at 610-390-5638. 


Council Newsletter Advertising – Readers may notice the absence of advertising in this issue. We are currently trying to straighten out our format to comply with postal regulations. We hope to be able to resume the advertising section by the next issue.


Council Picnic-We will have the Council Picnic on August 16th this year.  The picnic will be from Noon to 5 PM at Louise Moore Park. See insert in this newsletter for all the pertinent details.  We would like to see you and your families there.


Families In Need Council 313 continues to give strong support to our Families In Need   program. Members are to make requests directly to the Families In Need committee members (Steve Gorbos, Ed Ortelli, Philip Comito and/or Jim Transue ).  We want to be able to help individuals and families that need help without excessive prerequisites.   We limit donations to a maximum of $250.00 per request.  Please call any of the above individuals if you are aware of someone in need.