1898                  TRINITY COUNCIL 313                 2008



Dec.  2008& Jan. 2009 Events


12/2 Tues. 7PM Manger scene light-up for Christ at St. Anne’s


12/4 Officers’/Directors’ Meeting  7:00 PM. At Monacacy Manor.


12/5 Annual Christmas Dinner. 5PM at Monacacy Manor


12/7 Council 313 sponsored breakfast at Notre Dame Church


12/14 Annual  Children’s  Christmas Party.


12/18 Council business Meeting 7:30 PM followed by a party for the Special Olympians and  gift presentation.


1/08/09 Officers’/Directors’ Meeting 7:00 PM at Monacacy Manor


1/10 (Sat.) Knight’s Basketball Free Throw Contest. St. Anne’s Gym 2:00 –4:00 PM. Registration at 1:30 PM.


1/15 Council Business Meeting 7:30 PM at Monacacy Manor.


1/17 (Sat.) Soup Kitchen


Grand  Knight’s Message:   As we prepare for the Advent of our God:  Advent is the season of joyful preparation for Christ’s coming. The solemn blessing of the Mass for the 1st Sunday of Advent includes this prayer: “May God make you steadfast in faith, joyful in hope, and untiring in love all the days of your life.”  That might well be the hope of every K of C member as we carry on our charitable works during this holy season.


Special Olympics Collection  As of this writing, our annual  collection for the Special Olympics  has been completed. Results are still being tallied  (Dan Shantz collection was at the very end of Nov.), but indications are that we will have collected at least  $3000, which exceeds our target of $2500.  There will be a final report next month.   We owe a very hearty THANK YOU!  to all of our Knights who collected at the stores and the churches.  You did a great job!


Memorial Mass  Our annual memorial mass was held Nov. 9 in St. Anne’s Church. The honorees were Anthony Alfonso,  Daniel  J. Artim, John M Banks, Armando J. Buschi, Charles J. Green, Bernard Mulreany,  Stephen A. Pecka, Richard T. Sewald  and Ira Weirbach.  We will remember these men in our prayers. This is a beautiful ceremony but it was lightly attended.  We look forward to a greater showing next year.


Annual Christmas Party Friday,  Dec. 5 at Monacacy  Manor.

Mass in the chapel at 5:00PM. Cocktails at 6:00 PM followed by dinner. Choice of  Stuffed Flounder or Chicken Siciliano. Price is $25 per person . There will be entertainment following dinner. We will also have a silent auction- have a few good items but need more.  Call us and we will pick up your treasures –new items or valued antiques. 


Insurance- Congratulations are in order for Brother Richard Scrak, who has been appointed as Field Agent for our council. Detailed info will be published in next month’s newsletter.


COAL Sweepstakes  Sales this year went especially well. Special thanks to Brother Rick Scrak for a super effort.








FOOTBALL EXTRAVAGANZA   Sales exceeded last year’s total and thanks to all who bought tickets and to those who sold them. Brother Len Verrastro, who leads the effort every year, deserves a big round of applause.


Roundtable Our Council has re-established the Roundtable, which “main purpose is to help the parish priest, however, necessary.” Projects now include a food pantry at OLPH which is now well stocked (see OLPH weekly bulletin). Also,  the Notre Dame Roundtable team is now ready to go with breakfast following the 9:00 and 10:30 AM Sunday Masses on Dec. 7 at that church.   If you want to become more involved in your parish as a Knight, contact Bro. Mark Sewell.


 Attendance Award  Brother John A. Barnhart’s name was drawn for the attendance award but John was not present. Come to the December Council meeting and have a chance to win $85.  DGK Jack Spirk  won the 50/50 drawing. 

Knight Rider – Several knights are ready to pick up a brother knight to attend a meeting or other council event.  If you’re unable or hesitant to drive at night, call Rick Scrak at 610-390-5638 or e-mail Rick at scrakman@msn.com to arrange a ride.

Council Web Site – Visit our web site at www.kofc313.org.  All our scheduled events and newsletters for the 2008-2009 fraternal year are available online.


Rosary and Food Drive – We say the Rosary at 7:00 PM, prior to each general meeting.  You may also wish to make a cash donation to Victory House.  Bro. Jim Hogg can buy food at a discount.


Rosary of the Unborn- If you are interested in purchasing one of these precious rosaries, they are available for $30. Contact Trustee Jim Hogg, Jr. at   610-866-7244.


Pro-life – A pro-life Mass is held on the second Saturday of every month at Notre Dame Church at 8:00 AM.  Following Mass, many say the Rosary at the abortion facility in Allentown.


Change of Address – If you are moving or will be temporarily away, please notify our Council’s Financial Secretary, Al Fiore of your new address, at 610-866-0034 to keep records current and avoid unnecessary post office fees.

Fraternal –Keep our sick and those in distress in your prayers, including Leonard Verrastro’s eldest granddaughter Kristen  and his sister, Katherine with MS. Also, Inside Guard Scott Bear, Fr. Richard Campo, Mary Luchi (sister of Bishop Welsh)  and Deacon Bob Rodgers. 

                                                                                   Ecumenical Soup Kitchen – The next stint for Knights to serve will be Sat. Jan 17 Volunteers are always needed.


Families In Need  Council 313 continues to give strong support to our Families In Need  program. Members are to make requests directly to the Families In Need committee members (Steve Gorbos, Ed Ortelli, Philip Comito and/or Jim Transue ).    We limit donations to a maximum of $250.00 per request.